The Museum Gala

The Museum Gala is a fundraising event held in the American
Museum of Natural History. The Museum Gala is a spectacular
black-tie benefit set among the Museum's legendary halls and
featuring star-studded company, delicious dinner, and highly
anticipated musical entertainment. The collateral campaign
includes a poster, an invitation card, a ticket, an event give-away
(wine), and the house organ.

  • Campaign Identity, Spring 2021
  • Instructor: Jiwon Son
  • Award: Creative Communication Award 2021 Student Winner


The Museum Gala will be held in the Milstein Family Hall of Ocean
Life, where scattered light fell upon the famous blue whale that
spans the entire ceiling. Using watercolor to create the major
texture of the series of the campaign design for the Museum
Gala produces the connection between the event and the
environment of the hall.